The Mission of Intentional Creation…

Is to teach individuals and organizations how to engage in life, embrace principles, connect and serve, create value, and contribute to the world. Our clients strive to acquire ever-increasing levels of ability to handle ever-increasing levels of responsibility with ever-increasing levels of ease. They understand that success, happiness, and peace of mind do not just happen. All are intentionally created in the business of life.


Today, I begin a new life

Does life ever feel like you are going 60mph in 1st gear and redlining at 8,000rpm's? Ever hear, "It's time to kick it into hight gear!" and you want to scream, "I am going as fast as I can!" It's time to discover how to shift gears, relieve pressure, and create even greater levels of success.



Turning Relationships into Partnerships

Over the years, Dave and Ramona have invited well over a hundred couples to their private retreat, a beautiful log cabin overlooking Bear Lake that has a master suite for each couple. Be the next couple to discover and apply the principles that can make a good marriage a great one.



Getting Real, Hiring Right

How can you know with more confidence who will show up in the workplace, the candidate you are interviewing or an entirely different person? Is this a great hire or a good actor? Know the questions to ask and why they matter. A mistake can be costly.



No More Games, Just Results

We believe we are at a unique time in history. To be successful in today’s selling landscape, professionals will want to have higher levels of awareness and sharper people skills—less noise and more clarity. We also believe that training resources, which are sometimes limited, should be directed at the real issues. Are you ready for an experience that cuts to the real issues, one that will create an immediate impact on your sales team?



Breathing life back into the Teacher

Master Teachers focus on impacting students, not just teaching a curriculum. In spite of their struggles and challenges—personally and professionally—they intentionally create a healthy environment in their classrooms, one that facilitates growth and learning.